Being an Ally

group of people with hands together

Five steps you can take to be an ally

Educate yourself

  1. Learn about the sexual harassment policies at work.
  2. Listen to women (or other minorities).
  3. Know how sexual harassment is defined.

Educate Others

  1. Watch a video to learn more about sexual harassment. To raise awareness of these more frequent, less intense, and often unchallenged incidents of Sexual Harassment
  2. One of the easiest and most immediate steps is to open up honest conversations with one another about the culture of the workplace. When was the last time you checked in with your colleagues?

Check your language and actions

Take responsibility for how you speak & communicate with others

Ask yourself:

  • Would my daughter/wife/sister/son/brother/husband subjected to this behaviour?
  • Is it possible that my behaviour might be misinterpreted?
  • Could this behaviour intimidate or belittle the recipient?
  • Is there a power imbalance in this relationship?

Speak up

Silence sustains sexual harassment.

How to speak up?

  1. Refuse to join in, Don’t laugh or encourage sexist behaviour.
  2. Register your lack of disapproval for such attitudes
  3. Explain in a respectfully way why I don’t think that behaviour is appropriate.
  4. Approach person privately to let them know how you feel about their behaviour. (Usually people aren’t aware that their joke may be offensive).


How to support people being harassed?

Offer your presence - Let them know “I heard what happened, believe this is happening and I will help you if you’d like.”

  •  Get involved in initiatives supporting equity at the company/firm.
  •  Speak to the person being harassed ask what you can do for them?
  • Let them know about the resources out there for them. (e.g. LAP, Ombudsperson)