Being a Mentor

“I don’t think any of us are finished products. One of the great things in life is all of the new things we learn as we go along, the revelations, those ‘a-ha moments ’ when someone says something to you and it resonates, and causes you to think about something you’ve been worrying about in an entirely different way. That’s mentoring, and it happens at every age.

Then there’s the supportive side of mentoring that we all need - the ability to talk to someone who understands and has context because maybe, they’ve been there. That’s not just something you need when you’re young, you need that throughout your career.”

~ Carmen Theriault QC Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Mentoring throughout your career

No matter what stage you are in your career, whether you’re seeking advice on the writing of PLTC, the articling experience, negotiating a salary or maternity leave, the path to partnership or starting your own practice, many female lawyers have been in your shoes and are keen to offer you their support. Remember that mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes, so rather than be intimidated by the prospect of finding a mentor, enjoy building a network of supportive peers throughout your career!

Pay it forward: share your knowledge
and experience with others!

Are you doubting your ability to be a mentor, thinking that you lack experience or you haven’t yet ‘made it’? Don’t undervalue the skills, hard work and obstacles you’ve faced and overcome to get to where you are today - many other junior lawyers can benefit from your experience and guidance. If you’re not yet ready to mentor, support your female peers by passing along tips, networking opportunities, resources that you have found useful and mentor contacts that helped you along the way.