About this Project

The Mapping Her Path project (MHP), was a three-year project (2015-2018) created to learn about, collaborate on and pilot initiatives that promote economic prosperity for women lawyers in BC. Funded by Status of Women Canada and undertaken by the Justice Education Society, the project explored barriers faced by women in the legal profession and considered programs that could be implemented in BC to improve retention and advancement of women lawyers.

In 2015 a survey of about 400 female lawyers in BC was conducted. The findings of this survey was published in 2016 in a needs assessment.

In the needs assessment we identified 5 areas to focus on: raise awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace, educating students and supporting early career lawyers, developing mentoring resources and initiating discussion around alternative business models.

We delivered multiple workshops for the law schools at UBC and UVIC which were developed in collaboration with the students. We've created over 16 mentoring videos featuring 20 lawyers sharing their tips and advice. And a series of mentoring newsletters. We also created a short animated video to highlight the more implicit forms of Sexual Harassment many lawyers face in the workplace. The resources developed through MHP can all be found within this website.

We have gained great support and advocates within the legal community. We'd like to thank them for their support and contributions which made this work possible.

To learn more about the issues facing BC female lawyers see our article published in the Advocate January 2018.